1st Trial Brazilian

1st Trial Brazilian Waxing (Almost Painless)

ALMOST PAINLESS BRAZILIAN WAXING! Quick and safe hair removal using using hardwax for your most intimate region. Keep your hygiene in check, look clean and never have the problem of hair creeping out from the side of your panty line again! Treatment specifics: Triangular region all around the panty region (All pubic hair is removed, includes front, labia and butt crack) Why choose Waxing: - Hair becomes finer & more sparse - No stubble or dark shadow after shaving - No more painful problems of ingrown hair - No itching - Removes dead skin cells - No chance of getting razor cuts - Hair might cease to grow Head to our FAQ page for more information about waxing. Don’t worry, Pink Parlour has been voted Best Brazilian Waxing countless times. Check out our accolades in our About Page. FIRST TIME WITH BRAZILIAN WAXING ? Read here on what to expect: https://www.pinkparlour.asia/id/stories/eye-brow-waxing/
Vaild: 01/06/2019 - 31/12/2020

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